Presentation Skills Training

Develop Your Presentation Skills


Presentation skills

Do you already, or would you like to:

  • Speak in public
  • Deliver presentations to groups on any topic (small groups or large)
  • Plan and deliver workshops/training sessions on any topic?

Would you like to:

  • Manage your state so that you can present and train confidently and with authority – without panic and anxiety?
  • Learn how to engage with your audience so that they really want to listen to what you are saying?
  • Know how to structure a presentation or training session to get your point across in a way that your audience understands (whatever their learning style) and avoid going off track or running out of time?
  • Have a strategy for dealing with questions from the audience?
  • Enjoy it?


During this 2 day training course we will share proven strategies and methodologies for managing yourself (and your audience).  We will build on what you already know and introduce you to ways to plan your presentations or training sessions as well as ways to develop confidence and flexibility in your presentation style and delivery.

There will be plenty of opportunity to try out the tools and techniques as well as time to reflect on what works for you so that you can achieve your personal outcome for the training.


Presentation SkillsHere are just some of the topics we will cover:

  • Physiology – How your body affects your mind and your ability to present
  • Moving from tension to relaxation
  • The 4-MAT structure for training/presentations
  • Using metaprogrammes to engage the audience
  • “Yes sets”
  • Modelling excellent presenters
  • Stepping into the audience’s shoes (2nd positioning)
  • Anchoring
  • Language
  • Trainer state
  • Dealing with questions
  • Managing anxiety


If you have any questions, please do contact us.


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