Coaching Cards

As coaches we use many tools and techniques to assist clients to view their situation from multiple perspectives in order to generate new possibilities. It is a truism that if you want different results, something has to change – this may be a change in thinking, or a change in behaviour (doing something different). We have designed a range of cards to assist you to think in a different way in order to encourage flexibility of thinking and generate new choices.  All the cards are large (tarot sized) printed on 300gsm casino quality cardstock.


Coaching Cards (with Images)

Coaching cards LCC


Produced by our sister organisation – The Life Coaching Centre, these beautifully illustrated cards each contain a different inspirational quotation.

We keep a set on our desk so that whenever we are feeling a little stuck, or in need of an injection of motivation, we can pick a card and see how the message relates to our situation.  We also use them with coaching clients to encourage flexibility of thinking

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Coaching Cards (without images)


Coaching cards UKCPD


These cards are the same as the ones above – but without the images.

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NLP Presuppositions


NLP Presuppositions coaching cards NLP Presuppositions coaching cards 2


These are a set of success beliefs.  Our beliefs drive everything we do, guide our actions and influence our attitude.

They are not necessarily “The Truth” but it can be useful to presuppose they are true and then “act as if” and notice what happens as a result.

To be successful, it is useful to know how successful people get their results—what are they thinking and what do they believe?  The NLP presuppositions are modelled on the beliefs and approaches of some of the world’s most effective therapists and leading thinkers from a variety of fields such as Systems Thinking, Cybernetics, Quantum Thinking and more.

If you are feeling stuck and in need of a fresh perspective or new way of thinking, just pick a random presupposition and ask yourself:

  • If I believed this to be true, how would that change things?
  • If I believed this to be true how would I be behaving, what would I be doing differently?
  • What would be the smallest action I could take to “act as if” this were true?

These cards are useful for “unsticking” yourself, or when working with another person, or even a team of people.

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