Coaching - gearing up for change

What is Coaching?

The concept of coaching has been around for as long as the human race itself. Right from the earliest days the older or more skilled taught the young how to hunt, cook, paint pictures on cave walls and just how to be useful and effective members of their tribes or communities in general.

This type of practical, skill-related coaching still exists in most societies to this day. However, a more sophisticated form of coaching, aimed at inspiring greater understanding, awareness and action has emerged to match the needs of today’s world.

In this busy, hectic world, we often put important parts of our lives on hold for our jobs, spouses, children and friends. Life in the 21st Century is extreme. More and more people seem to be experiencing increased stress in their lives. We frequently hear complaints about not enough time, job burnout, being confronted with too many choices and decisions, and a feeling of spinning ones wheels.

We are often only too aware of what is wrong and have a sense of wanting things to change, but our clients often come to us not knowing what to change, or how to change.  Even if the answer to these two questions is known, there is often an obstacle to change which needs to be overcome.

Coaching is a personal and powerful relationship focused on knowing, having, doing and being what you want in life. A coach provides a simple, yet effective structure of support to assist you in moving forward in your life: career, health, romance, personal growth, education, spirituality, fun and recreation, physical environment, and friends and family.

A coach will help you:

  • Design a life that fits who you are
  • Create compelling goals
  • Clear obstacles from your path
  • Break through stuck thinking and stuck places
  • Develop and implement action plans that move you forward



The Role of the Coach

As coaches we are trained to listen, observe and question.  We will support, challenge and empower you to stretch your limits, break through resistance, elicit solutions and enhance your skills, resources and creativity.

In short – our purpose is to enable you to be clear about what you want and to facilitate you in developing strategies for achieving your goal.

One of our favourite definitions of the role of the coach is from Thomas Leonard, one of the founders of the International Coaching Federation, who said coaches…

“Help people set better goals and then reach those goals. Ask their clients to do more than they would have done on their own. Help their client to focus better so as to produce results more quickly. Provide clients with the tools, support and structure to accomplish.”



Coaching and NLP

Coaching is a focused process with a positive, far-reaching impact that can last a lifetime.  The coaching framework provides a structure for identifying what you want.  When combined with NLP tools  this makes the process even more powerful.

As NLP coaches, we have additional skills and tools available to us which we can use to help you to develop even greater resources, identify and overcome limitations and facilitate real, permanent change.

Having this multi-disciplinary skill set means that we are flexible in our approach.  We can adapt the way we work to you and tailor what we do to match your needs rather than adopting a “one approach fits all” approach.

 “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” – Abraham Maslow

We regard our clients as individuals, changing the tool we use to achieve the best result more quickly and in a way that will stick.


Coaching for Organisations


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