You can be Happy AND Successful

This thought-provoking, yet amusing TED Talk by Psyschologist Shawn Achor sets out to explain the “happiness advantage”.  It seeks to turn the old notion that I’ll be happy when I’m successful well and truly on its head.  In fact, we are much more likely to be successful when we are happy.  So many people seem to believe that happiness and success are mutually exclusive, that is reassuring to be reminded that it is possible to be both happy and successful.happy and successful


Happy people and those with a generally positive outlook have been shown time and time again in research studies to perform better, be more productive, be more resilient and at a lower risk of burnout.

The lens through which we view the world shapes our reality (in NLP terms – the map is not the territory).  If we use a positive, solution focussed lens, we will see opportunities and positive outcomes where others may only see doom and despondency.

There are many ways to develop a positive frame of reference.  The first step ought to be to set what an NLP coach would describe as a well-formed outcome.  In particular to ask what specifically you will see, hear and feel when you have the positive frame.  Without taking this step, how will you know when you have got it?  Remember – a positive state is much more than simply the absence of negativity.



Ask yourself whether you have been operating out of the mistaken belief that it is not possible to be happy and successful.

Where have you been holding back from doing what would make you happy for fear that it would get in the way of success?  Instead, start to imagine what life would be like if you truly believed it was possible to be happy AND successful.

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