Coaching Combined with Training – The Gold Standard

A paper published in “Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice by Deborah Bright and Anita Crockett (Volume 5, Issue 1, 2012) demonstrates though a controlled study that coaching combined with training can make a significant difference in job performance and satisfaction.

coaching combined with training


While companies realise the importance of training their people, one of the major challenges faced by management is in ensuring that the skills taught in these sessions are actually used when the employee returns to his or her job.

If skills are not integrated and used, the company will have seen no return on its training investment.

The researchers used a traditional classroom session focussing on managing and improving personal performance and reducing stress, to this they added a follow-up goal setting and coaching session (in this case a four hour training session followed up by one 30 minute coaching session 3-4 weeks later).  Analysis showed that this combined approach significantly increased on-the-job performance and mitigated the negative effects of stress.

The results showed a significant improvement in participants’ ability to identify solutions, deal with criticism and to turn around assignments in order to meet the expectations of others.  They were also found to be more effective at dealing with changing priorities and tight deadlines.

The research concludes that coaching combined with training provides the extra practice needed to ensure the successful integration of the training into participants’ varied routines.  The participants benefited through a perceived reduction in stress levels and the company benefited as a result of improved performance – a real win-win.

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